Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Do You Miss Me Yet?

Listen, I am not a GW Bush apologist. I do not, and never will, miss him. Still, I wonder if it would have tempered my opinion of him if I knew then what I know now, if I knew just how bad a president could be.

A moment in his presidency has always stood out for me. It was footage of him in the early hours at Ground Zero. It was written all over his face that he knew he was in way over his head, that he had no business pretending to be president, and that he wished he were anywhere but there, doing anything but presidenting.

Of course at the time I despised him for it. What reckless arrogance and entitlement to take on a job you have no business doing, risking others’ lives for the sake of your ego.

And that is pretty despicable.


At least the man had the sense of self, an awareness of his limitations, an awareness of the enormity and the gravity of that moment, to realize his inadequacy.

The most startling difference to me between GW and 45 is that 45 has no self awareness. He has no humility. He comprehends nothing of enormity nor gravity. He comprehends nothing of the world beyond his own machinery that endlessly grinds out blame of others and self-aggrandizement for his hungry, hungry ego.

So no, I do not miss GW “yet.” But I do miss an unqualified president’s ability to understand, if only momentarily, his own weaknesses.