Friday, August 14, 2015

Black Lives Matter

In this country, white *feelings* are more important than black *lives.* In this country, even among white progressives, *polite discourse* is more important than *justice.*

I do believe we as a nation are at a critical crossroads. And as devastated as I am by the lives lost this past year that led to an eruption of outrage across the country, these lost souls helped to birth a movement. Have you not sensed the significance of this movement gaining momentum, rather than succumbing to hopelessness?

More than anything, I want the momentum and collective outrage around this country's abysmal race relations to not run out of steam. I want THIS to be the time that meaningful change finally happens in this country, where being brown or black is no longer a sentence for dramatically reduced opportunities in every facet of your life, no longer a guarantee of a constant onslaught of discrimination and microaggressions, no longer a Life Sentence.

If this movement dissolves into despair, I will despair. This is why, when I learn that social justice activists are continuing to disrupt, continuing to confront, continuing to demand to be taken seriously, my heart feels hope. THIS IS THE TIME. Do not balk at the extraordinary measures that are being taken, that MUST be taken. Do not hide behind your feelings of discomfort, do not shy away from the revelation of your privilege, do not withdraw your support just because it's getting messy.

Challenge yourself. Challenge your feelings, and your sense of how things should be done. Expand your perspective and try to imagine, really imagine, what is at stake here. If you believe that black lives matter as much as white lives, there is no "but." If you believe that black and brown lives should be treated with the same rights and opportunities as white lives, fall in behind this powerful movement. We cannot let our discomfort stifle this opportunity. THIS IS THE TIME.